Essential Google SEO Trends for Businesses in 2020

Are you struggling to take your business up to the first page in the SERP ranking?
If you are finding it difficult to understand the metrics and the way the SEO works, you need to re-create strategies.
Digital marketing is working fast, and you cannot afford to wait for changes to happen on its own.
Stay up-to-date with the following Google SEO trends that are making a big difference in the SERP rankings today.

Highly Optimized Content

Well-written content will never go out of fashion in the eyes of Google.
So, whatever you write, on your money site or else as guest posts, write on relevant topics.
Choose the right set of keywords and not necessarily the long-tailed ones only.
If you want, go for the synonyms of keywords to gain an upper-edge with the content and make it rank high in SERP.

Know how to Work Around BERT

Look for ways to make the most of the algorithm of BERT. You will just have to keep BERT in mind while writing for the same. Focus on answering queries and helping customers and make the content meaningful.
Save time by writing for humans instead of any bots. While boosting the SEO focus on reaching out, answering queries, and you will find it easy to tackle anything, including BERT.

Welcome More Influencers

Today, you need to get your customers ‘talking’ about your brand.
People talk when someone they know as a subject-matter expert or a celebrity endorses your products.
Get an influencer on board and partner with them. They will be generating the content for you and market your brand.
As many as 17% of businesses spend half their marketing budget on getting influencers to give reviews or simply talk about their brand. Many firms may not yet accept this as number crunching as the other methods.
However, undoubtedly, it is one of the popular trends in Google SEO today.

Featured Snippets to Win

Smart internet marketing services know that they can score big if they put ‘information first’ in their approach.
They are, therefore, creating featured snippets, where they put a ‘How to’ video, with optimized URL, and answering key queries or even presenting upcoming events.
As much as 40.7% of all voice search answers came from a featured snippet.
It means digital marketers are already using all in their expertise to create the right snippets to feature higher up in the search
engine rankings.

״Google SEO is evolving, and so are the techniques and tactics,
A talented marketer will only see these trends and use them effectively to boost their business.״